Politics As Usual
- is it -
? Cooperation or Exploitation?

Abuse Of Power

Rigging the System


Corruption, incompetence, waste, fraud, abuse and failure to perform in NYS.

A History of Political Corruption in Albany

Congratulations, New York, You’re #1 in Corruption

Which NYC Government Agencies Are The Most Corrupt?

29 New York state officials convicted 

Convictions of two of New York’s most powerful men

Corruption in Rockland County Government

'greasing-the-skids' example

Bribery and fraud' example

Corruption in state legislature.

City Police Corruption - Schenectady

Guards fired for alleged off-duty cocaine use

Political Patronage - Rensselaer County 

Jail guards fired, suspended, for jail escape

Urban League of Northeastern New York mismanaged

Lapses in patient care at the Albany County Nursing Home

Abuse of power and public trust

Stealing public information

Stealing public funds

Rabbi defrauds public

HUD scam


Workers' Comp. fraud

Where's the money?

Against policy

Is nothing sacred?

A race track is not just about horses

Sometimes a  policeman is not your friend

Sometimes a prison guard  is not your friend

Sometimes a fireman  is not your friend

Some pigs are more equal

Mayor embezzles

Schools scam Medicaid

School taxes at work.



Corruption in Rotterdam

Who will pay for this boondoggle?

Ethics lapses take many forms

Larceny is another word for stealing

Theft is another word for stealing

Sleeping on the job

Ex-prison guard avoids prison

Cooking the books in Schenectady

Is this called gun control?

Bribery in the Bronx

How many ways to empty the Trust Fund?

How many ways to empty the treasury?

Creative Accounting 101

Winning a Case 101

Run-of-the-mill corruption.


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Libertarian Party

- It's NOT Politics as Usual -


What is politics as usual?

How does Politics As Usual damage society?

Why is the Libertarian Party NOT Politics As Usual?


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