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Albany Times Union Letter to the Editor

Posted on March 16, 2014

Michael Kink’s commentary, “State needs to combat inequality,” March 7, [also] lists social ailments like record high homelessness, long lines at food banks, unprecedented levels of child poverty, municipal financial collapse, suffering schools, low-wage jobs, poverty, and government scandals and corruption. What a mess. His solution? Tax the rich.

He failed to mention New Yorkers already pay some of the highest property, school, income and sales taxes in the nation and still suffer under the weight of one the highest debt loads. He missed the “crucial” question: With all that taxing and spending, why are things such a mess?

Democrats and Republicans have over-legislated, overregulated and overspent New York into this mess. Government is the problem; less government is the solution.

Politics as usual is all about exploitation and our state Legislature has the criminal record(s) to prove it. It is human nature to resist exploitation. The rich are human. They will vote with their feet. Why do you suppose businesses and jobs have been leaving New York?

Todd Haggerty
Capital District Libertarian Party







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