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Report Card

Times Union

In your March 31 editorial ‘New York’s report card’, it was encouraging to read that “simply throwing more money at the problem” will not lead to better school results as “many advocates of reform” (including your own editorials) “have proposed in the past”. But then you contradict your own observations with “state lawmakers must address” the problem by “overhauling the school aid formula”, as if throwing more money at the problem will lead to better results.

Just look at the Albany city schools. They spend more than their suburban counterparts precisely because of the school aid formulas. Yet these students still under-perform those in suburban schools. 

If the ‘poor’ city schools can outspend the ‘rich’ suburban schools the performance gap is not in funding. Let me again refer to Albany. Consider the recent news reports about the boy going into 9th grade not knowing how to read. It’s astounding!  How much school aid was wasted to ‘educate’ this student?  Yet, the school did not care enough or do enough to prevent this expensive travesty.

It is even more alarming for the parents of this child to be so disinterested for 9 years as to be unaware the son can’t read until somebody told them. Where have these parents been?  How much could the parents have cared? For how much of this travesty are the parents responsible?

Is the boy without blame? If the boy had cared enough he would have learned to read in spite of his teachers and his parents.

State lawmakers can’t legislate personal effort and responsibility - no matter the aid formula. Why fund the charade if the teachers don’t care and the parents don’t care and the students don’t care? The irony is that the worse the results the more money we’re expected to throw at them to improve. If I could get more for doing less, that is just what I’d keep on doing.





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