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We tend to hear a lot about "rights". Gary Popkin, who lives in NYC, wrote this wonderfully succinct explanation of how the meaning of "right" has been interpreted to the opposite of its real meaning. 

A "right" as envisioned by the Founders meant that the government was not permitted to interfere with your pursuit of them, i.e., your pursuit of happiness was to be unhindered by government. 

The "right" of free speech means that government cannot interfere with your free speech. The "right" of gun ownership means that the government cannot infringe your gun ownership. What does "right" to health care mean? It means that the government cannot stand in the way of your pursuit of health care, or impede your obtaining health care. The "right" to an attorney means that the government cannot prevent you obtaining an attorney to represent you.

Of course, "right" has incorrectly come to mean that someone must supply you with something. If your "right" to housing means that some slave must supply you with housing, and your "right" to health care means that some slave must supply you with health care, and your "right" to an attorney means that some slave must supply you with an attorney, does your "right" to free speech mean that some slave must supply you with a loudspeaker, or TV air time? Does your "right" to own guns mean that some slave must supply you with guns?

Gary Popkin,


Under this new meaning of "right", if someone is said to  have a right to happiness, must I supply happiness? Should anyone have the right to expect other people to supply their welfare? If so, would welfare recipients not be modern day aristocrats? To the degree I must supply others with happiness and welfare, is my own pursuit of happiness and welfare not hindered?