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Ex-official charged in alleged theft
By: Shawn Charniga October 17, 2002

William L. Austin, 62, of 10 Springbook Rd., for 30 years superintendent of utilities and water, was charged with third-degree grand larceny and first-degree falsifying of business records by State Police Investigator Paul Overdorf.
Austin has retained Albany attorney Brian Premo for his defense. He pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in Town Court Wednesday.
Authorities claim the former town employee, who retired in July, ordered cases of products including insecticides, weed killers, drain openers and cleaning supplies for town use and had them delivered to his home.
About 60 cases of products, worth over $12,000, were allegedly found by state police at Austin's home.
Officials assembled invoices and canceled checks from 1996 and later, finding about $54,000 worth of supplies had been ordered from Bulkhead and delivered to Austin's home,....
After his arrest his client agreed to cooperate, gave a full statement to state police and turned over all suspect items, Premo said. He did not have an inventory of what was turned over, but said he would accept whatever police said was there.
Premo did not answer when asked if Austin simply forgot to turn over the products during the four months following his retirement.
Austin's annual salary for the appointed position was about $43,000 plus health benefits, Herrington said. He was aware of no other incidents involving the former building inspector. 

- Philip A. Vanno contributed to this report.

Submitted by: Werner Hetzner 

Source: Troy Record 10/17/02




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