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Corruption in Rockland County Government

Rockland County Democratic Chair Paul Adler was charged by federal prosecutors with taking more than $370,000 in bribes and secret payments to grant approval for suburban developments, and offering bribes and threatening retaliation to Clarkstown Planning Board members. Libertarian Party of New York State Chair Richard Cooper praises Libertarian Party member John Cain of Congers for exposing the corrupt web. A self-employed insurance consultant serving on the Board, Cain was offered a bribe by a builder in a meeting set up by Adler. Wired by investigators, Cain recorded Hillary Clinton associate Adler saying that he didn't get into politics "to lose money" and ranting about retaliation against an uncooperative board member. Cooper and the Libertarian Party draw lessons about why we have corruption and what to do about it. "The only politician who can't be bought is one who has nothing to sell," Cooper said. "Removing the government's power to interfere with markets is the best way to end payoffs like these, once and for all."

Richard Cooper declares that "Libertarians charge that the roots of corruption can be traced to government interference with our lives. Libertarians reject subsidies, regulation, licensing, tariffs, corporate welfare, eminent domain and other privileges that nourish corruption. We agree with Frederic Bastiat's book THE LAW that these policies are "legalized theft." Libertarians reject victimless crime laws such as those against drugs and gambling as nourishing corruption and diminishing liberty. Instead, Libertarians stand for individual liberty, free markets, and personal responsibility in order to promote a society that enjoys more justice, abundance and peace."

Cooper laughs off Lazio's call for Hillary Clinton to return Adler's $1500 donation. "Suffolk GOP leader John Powell was convicted on corruption charges. Where was Rick Lazio then with his own boss?" Libertarian US Senate candidate John Clifton comments that "The latest corruption flap, where yet another Clinton surrogate has been busted, shows the stark difference between the two parties of big government and the party of principle, the Libertarian Party. Our opponents are the parties of patronage and privilege. The basic principle of big government is itself corrupt."

Libertarian Vice-Presidential nominee Art Olivier served as mayor of 67,000 population Bellflower, California. Olivier said "About the only people who say that politics is not corrupt are the politicians." Olivier discovered that the city's trash collector was overcharging consumers with falsely measured trash bins. Olivier privatized tree trimming, street sweeping, building inspections, and crossing guards. Earlier as a councilman, he blocked a taxpayer-funded casino on land to be seized by eminent domain and another eminent domain scheme for a movie theater.

The Libertarian Party of New York is combatting eminent domain schemes against a Pentecostal church in North Hempstead and a New Rochelle neighborhood threatened to make way for an Ikea furniture store. Cooper says these eminent domain schemes are legal, but they are still theft and corrupt. Clifton urges "Just say yes to liberty. Vote Libertarian."

submitted by: Bonnie Scott

source:  LPNY



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